Estate planning. Without all the hassle.
Kickstarting your estate plan should be free and easy - so you can move forward now. That’s why we’ve created an online workshop that gives you everything you need to get started.

The best time to create your plan was years ago. The second best time is today. 

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Presented by Rod Yancy

Rod Yancy is an estate planning attorney and financial advisor who has helped thousands of people create their ideal estate plan.

Rod believes that you will live a better life when you know that each week could be your last. He founded Oath to help people achieve the peace of mind that comes through planning their legacy - so they don’t have to worry about what will happen after they’re gone.

What You'll Learn On This Online Training:
Learn how to protect what you love most
The things that you’ve worked so hard for should benefit the people you love. Our online workshop gives you the knowledge you need to begin creating a plan that protects your family from lawsuits, creditors, waste, and exposure. 

 A simple, understandable education.

The best way to create the right plan for your family starts with understanding your options. The law is complicated, but at Oath we believe that estate planning should be simple. That’s why we’ve created this workshop to give you the essential information you need to know - and nothing that you don’t.

Expertise - at no cost to you.
Estate planning is too easy to procrastinate. We believe it’s important for you to get you plan done now - before it’s too late. That’s why we created this free workshop. We’ll provide you with the information that will allow you to create your ideal plan - regardless of if you hire us or another attorney. 

** Plus - I'll be giving everyone who attends this training a free exclusive offer not available to the public!
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